Christians in Politics

How do we as Christians engage in hard-fought political struggles?

How do we reconcile a desperate desire to preserve and defend God’s great blessings in this country with the Biblical ideas of turning the other cheek, being anxious about nothing, preferring others above ourselves, etc?

My post “Loving God, Loving America — Keeping Your Balance in a Freefall World” offers some answers to these questions.

These are not easy questions, nor are they easy answers. Your feedback would be most welcome, and please forward to others who can contribute to the discussion as well.

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When Plan A and Plan B have failed …

The separation of powers was supposed to keep any one branch of the federal government from reaching beyond its prescribed powers.

The retention of all non-delegated powers by the states was the second firewall.

What’s Plan C?

A first article, now published at The Patriot Post, traces the failure of those two firewalls, and sets forth a proposal for Plan C. A subsequent piece will explore what must be done to implement it.

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Treaties and the Constitution

Can our Constitutional rights be overridden by a treaty approved by the Senate and signed by the President?

Many fear this, especially in areas such as 2nd Amendment rights, economic restrictions because of environmental concerns, and parental rights.

Relax. It’s not true. More specifically, it’s only true if we let it be done to us.

I’ve addressed this issue in an article just published at The Patriot Post and reprinted at my current events blog, “Loving God, Loving America.”

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Articles in American Thinker

In the ongoing discussions about gun control, I have published three articles at and reprinted them at my current events blog:

  • the first explores how the left thinks about self-defense, using for reference an unfortunate incident in which an older friend was attacked by dogs and could get no help;
  • the second addresses the belief that we don’t need guns, and certainly don’t need more than X bullets in a magazine; and
  • the third responds to the ongoing lawlessness of our administration and their belief that the Constitution no longer matters.

A fourth essay (submitted to another publication) explores the belief that the Senate and President can override the Constitution by signing a treaty with other nations; when it is published, it will also be reprinted at my current events blog.



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The Perfect Scene

Fellow writers, if you have not read Dwight Swain’s classic “Techniques of the Selling Writer,” or Randy Ingermanson’s update of it, you are in for a treat — and a major upgrade in your ability to carry a reader along in your story from one non-stop chapter to the next.

Randy translates the original terms into more approachable language, and in a writer’s version of his book “Oxygen” he and fellow author John Olson take you step by step through examples of how the techniques work.

Do yourself a favor — get it! Read it!  Do it!

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Published in American Thinker!

Just published a first article in  I am excited to be on their list of contributors!

The article illustrates the foolishness of the current “gun control”, ie, freedom control, measures being proposed, with a very unfortunate incident that came upon a dear friend:  “Snapping Dogs and Liberal Logic“.

A second article has just been submitted to address the question that immediately arises:  “How much gun does anyone need?”  That is, should we restrict the amount of firepower a law-abiding citizen can own?  If so, what does that mean?  The article is expected to be published by the week of January 14th.


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